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  • 16 MOX Sensor breathing out

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  • Help Pages for R package ‘moth’

    The package ‘moth’ contains routine on processing the data on the robot navigation.

    The help pages are published here:

    NEUROChem robot video

    The video clip shows the demonstration of the Neurochem robotic platform performed at the UPF laboratory on November 2010. The embedded computer designed at UPC drives the mobile platform, runs the control software IQR and hosts different sensors, including the array of 16 MOX chemical sensors that percepts some alcohol.

    The demo was prepared for the 2nd review meeting in Brussels, on February 2010.


    Neurochem UPC site is just born

    Neurochem UPC-site is just created. This site aims to keep documentation and software public after Neurochem project ends. See more at About page.