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  • Videos on Synthetic Data

    New videos on simulations of synthetic datasets show the role of different noise parameters. The simulation objective is to reproduce a reference dataset by playing with combinations of the parameters.

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  • Trajectories from breathing MOX sensors

    Let’s take a look at oscillatory trajectories presented in the sensor array data from breathing MOX sensors.

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    Example of googleVis charts on Iris Dataset

    The data analysis is done with my favorite language R. What is the shortest way to share nice (interactive?) graphics on the web? Here is an example of using Google Visualization API with R package googleVis. The dataset comes from the famous iris data.

    R function gvisTable creates a table of the iris data (the first five samples).

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    Figures of the UNIMAN and Synthetic Datasets

    The images come from the article submitted to the ISOEN 2011 conference.

    Figure 1: Scoreplot of the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) performed on the first 1500 samples from the experimental dataset of 17 polymeric sensors. Steady-state features were extracted and preprocessed to remove outliers. The covariance structure for classes with the highest concentration is depicted with the confidence ellipses.

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