• Neurochem OS image available

    The image was uploaded to the UPC web server. Further the details on installing and running the image are given.

    Download files

    • server:
    • folder: /home/sftp01/iso/
    • files: binary.vmdk live-rw.vmdk

    Create virtual machine

    The VMWare Player is the recommended software, as it is considerably faster than others (VirtualBox, Qemu, etc). Once you created a New Virtual Machine, you don’t need to istall any OS. The way to go is to attach two hard-drive images (binary.vmdk live-rw.vmdk) with preinstalled Neurochem OS and Neurochem software.

    Note that you need both files binary.vmdk and live-rw.vmdk. The second one (live-rw.vmdk) is needed for data persistent and it hosts the user account ‘neurochem’.

    Run virtual machine

    In the Login screen, you should introduce login/password.

    To get started, enter to the directory ‘/home/neurochem/demo_2′ and run the command in the terminal ‘iqr -f test_system.iqr’. So you will watch the Demo #2, demonstrated at Bruselas on February 2010.

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