A tool for the design of synthetic experiments in machine olfaction.

Documentation for package ‘chemosensors’ version 0.5.5

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affinity Method affinity.
chemosensors Package chemosensors.
ConcNoiseModel Class ConcNoiseModel.
demo-BinaryMixtures Demo BinaryMixtures.
demo-Mixtures Demo Mixtures.
demo-SensorAffinity Demo SensorAffinity.
demo-SensorArrayNoise Demo SensorArrayNoise.
demo-SensorNoise Demo SensorNoise.
demo-VirtualSensors Demo VirtualSensors.
DriftNoiseModel Class DriftNoiseModel.
Scenario Class Scenario.
Sensor Wrapper to Class Sensor.
SensorArray Class SensorArray.
SensorDynamics Class SensorDynamics.
SensorModel Class SensorModel.
SensorNoiseModel Class SensorNoiseModel.
SorptionModel Class SorptionModel.
UNIMANdnoise Dataset UNIMANdnoise.
UNIMANshort Dataset UNIMANshort.
UNIMANsnoise Dataset UNIMANsnoise.
UNIMANsorption Dataset UNIMANsorption.